Board of Director Profiles


                                                        Janice Jircik – Member

My husband of 22 years, Chris Jircik, along with our four children moved to Anahuac twelve years ago. We moved from Pearland, Texas, where I had lived for 35 years. After arriving in Anahuac I soon became involved in the daily operations of this city by being elected to the Anahuac City Council where I have now served for four years. I am also a member of the Anahuac Lions Club. I became Director of The Wellness Center at Bayside Hospital five years ago which affords me the opportunity to work with many of the citizens of Anahuac and the surrounding areas.

My aspiration for our city is to enhance its natural beauty and outdoor recreation; as well as help improve the economic vitality of the city so that people want to  raise their families here and call Anahuac home.

I was appointed to the AMDD Board in February 2013.

                                                       Kenneth Miller - Chairman

My wife and I moved to Anahuac in March 2017, after living in Pearland for the previous five years. I have been married to my wife, Tish Hopkins Miller, for 20 years.  She was raised in Anahuac and graduated from Anahuac High School.  We decided to venture back to her home town to a more quiet and peaceful lifestyle.  We have two children, Jeremy and Kenneth, and are the proud grandparents of two wonderful grandchildren Kendra Brown 20 and Kyndallyn Brown 12.

I retired from Exxon Mobil Pipeline October 31, 2020, after 31 years working as a Safety Advisor.  We are members of Central Church of Christ in Baytown.

After moving to Anahuac, I immediately became concerned about issues I felt needed improvement.  I frequently attended Anahuac City Council meetings to become more informed and involved.

As a new director of Anahuac Municipal Development District, I aspire to work with City Hall on the issues that affect our communities.  My goals will include improving the beautification of our city and increasing tourism.  I want to help expand on the progress already underway by AMDD on removing the dilapidated houses and create a process to clean up overgrown lots in our city.  There will always be ongoing projects to be accomplished in this unique city, and I am pleased to be able to help serve the citizens of Anahuac.

I was appointed to the AMDD Board in December 2018.

                                                    Harrom Nipp - Vice-Chairman

I recently moved back to Anahuac after many yeas.  I was born in Timpson, Texas, and at the age of three my family moved to Anahuac.  I attended elementary school here moving away in the 5th grade.  We then returned to Anahuac at which time I entered the 10th grade, graduating from AISD in 1955.  I have had occasion to live in many great cities of Texas living in Seadrift for 5 years, Schulenburg for 15 years and Lamarque for 40 years.  I am happy to say that I have now moved back to Anahuac after living in Santa Fe for one year.


I have been active in many clubs and organizations over my lifetime including the Lions, Club, Rotarian Club, Chamber of Commerce and Museum organizations.  I also served as Commissioner of the Boy Scouts for many years.  I have recently become a member of the Chambers County Historical Commission.

I have two children, Mason Nipp and Becky Richardson, and two grandchildren.

I have always tried to help develop and improve any city that I lived in, and I hope to be able to do the same here by making Anahuac a better place to live.  I am eager to be part of Anahuac Municipal Development District and will help in any way that I can to improve this city by working hard to move Anahuac forward.

I was appointed to the AMDD Board in April 2021.

                                                               SEAN PERRY - Member


I was born in Houston, Texas, raised in Anahuac, and graduated from AISD in1988.  After graduating

I attended Lamar University in Beaumont where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Business in 1993.

My parents were employed with and retired from Anahuac Independent School District and continue

to live in Anahuac.


I married my wife, Rhonna, 15 years ago and we have two children Kyle Perry, 26, and Erynne Perry, 22.

I am employed by the Chambers County Sheriff's Department and serve as a Detective.  I received my

Peace Officer Certification from Lamar Institute of Technology and have worked for the Sheriff's

Department for 15 years. 


I am an active member of the Anahuac Lions Club.  I serve on the Anahuac City Council as a City

Council member, being elected in 2017.   


Being raised in Anahuac my entire life, it is very rewarding to know that I can now be part of helping our

city grow and prosper.  I aspire to help improve the city's economic standing and growth while continuing

to maintain a small-town atmosphere.  Changes have already begun in growth with new housing additions

being built and folks moving into our area.  I hope to be part of new ideas and projects to help our city be

the best that it can be.


I was appointed to the AMDD Board in May 2021.                                         

                                                    MICHAEL MOREHEAD - Secretary/Treasurer   


I have lived in Anahuac most of my life, graduating from Anahuac High School in 2013.  I attended Lee College, receiving a Process Tech Certificate, and have been working for Covestro LL (formerly Bayer) as a process technician.


My wife, Taylor, and I have been married for three years and are the parents of Kate.  We have just built a new

home in the City of Anahuac and look forward to raising our family here. 


I recently became a School Board Member serving in position 7.  I look forward to keeping abreast of our educational system by being aware of the growth of our community and helping with expansions of programs and facilities. 


My goal as a director of AMDD is to enhance the lives of everyone in the great City of Anahuac.  I look forward 

to the opportunity of meeting new residents and helping in any way that I can to improve this area.

I was appointed to the AMDD Board in October 2021.