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As you enter Anahuac at the 4-way stop directly across from Allegiance bank, you will see a newly constructed above ground water tank provided by the City of Anahuac to the right. AMDD began a project in 2019 to approach the public for ideas and images for a Muriel to be placed on the tank. After numerous submissions, local artist Toby Haynes submitted the winning depiction of the second Anahuac Disturbance in 1835 when William Travis commandeered a schooner from Harrisburg to attack Fort Anahuac and free the wrongfully imprisoned Texans. 

Travis and 25 men took on a strength of 40 plus soldiers and were victorious in accomplishing their objective.  This situation was a small but crucial point for Texas and helped solidify the local Texans in the area to join the fight for Texas independence.

Toby Haynes has become the project manager of this endeavor, playing a pivotable role in coordinating with the supplier, Spectrum Graphiic Designs, to ensure all areas of design are met.  The Muriel is ready for application and will be put in place in the near future. 

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