Completed Projects

Pier and Covered Pavilion Levee Road in Fort Anahuac Park


Provided by Anahuac Municipal Development District for the citizens of Chambers County

Completed 2011

AMDD provided partial funding with the Chambers County Historical Commission for the artist to paint this rendition of the Turtle Bayou Resolutions and the Cradle of Texas Independence    


Located on the outside office building wall of JP Randy Van Deventer near the Chambers County Court House.


Provided by AMDD & the Historical Commission to highlight Anahuac’s importance in the fight for Texas Independence.


                                               WALK OVER BRIDGE BEHIND ELEMENTARY                                                                                                  TO PENICK ADDITION

Walk-Over Bridge - Bill.jpg

Director Bill Stults stands on the newly repaired walk-over bridge that allows students to walk from the Anahuac Elementary School to the Penick Addition crossing over a large drainage ditch.

                                 Completed August 2019


Dock Project Complete.jpg

AMDD is proud to complete the Anahuac Boat Dock/Kayak Launch after numerous delays.  Our citizens and visitors to this area can now launch their boats and kayaks directly into Lake Anahuac. The kayak launch is an added feature to support the many kayak enthusiasts.  AMDD envites you to come out to this newly completed project and witness the beauty of Lake Anahuac. 


AMDD has recently turned the completed dock project over to the City of Anahuac.  A grand opening will be held in the near future.  AMDD thanks Chambers-Liberty Counties Navigation District, Chambers County Parks & Recreation, Chambers County Road and Bridge, The City of Anahuac and citizens Richard and Tracie Lasater for their combined efforts to make this project a reality.

                                                 Completed January 2020


Final Muriel.jpg

As you enter Anahuac at the 4-way stop directly across from Allegiance bank, you will see a newly constructed above ground water tank provided by the City of Anahuac to the right. AMDD began a project in 2019 to approach the public for ideas and images for a mural to be placed on the tank. After numerous submissions, local artist Toby Haynes submitted the winning depiction of the second Anahuac Disturbance in 1835 when William Travis commandeered a schooner from Harrisburg to attack Fort Anahuac and free the wrongfully imprisoned Texans. 

Travis and 25 men took on a strength of 40 plus soldiers and were victorious in accomplishing their objective.  This situation was a small but crucial point for Texas and helped solidify the local Texans in the area to join the fight for Texas independence.

Toby Haynes served as the project manager of this endeavor, playing a pivotal role in coordinating with the supplier, Spectrum Graphic Designs, to ensure all areas of design are met.  The mural is now in place to be viewed and enjoyed by our citizens and visitors. 

                                                      Completed July 2020

North Logo Final.jpg
Progress Picture Final.jpg

AMDD is pleased to add the newest logo to the Above Ground Water Tank for the citizens and visitors of the City of Anahuac.  The pride of Anahuac is shown in the display of the American Flag as it waves in the wind and welcomes everyone to our great city.  Also included on display is Anahuac's pride as being the Home of the Panthers displaying the new AISD branding of the AP claw.

                                               Complete October 2021